Bronze Life-Sized Kneeling Firefighter Statue

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Bronze Kneeling Firefighter Statue

Bronze Life-Sized Kneeling Firefighter

Our Firefighter Memorial Statue is a wonderful way to honor your fallen, past, and active firefighters. The helmet will have your department’s name and shield. Past installations include Dudley, MA. Fire Department, Osceola, FL. Fire and Rescue Department, North Merrick, N.Y. Fire Department, and Wallkill, N.Y. Hook & Ladder.

We can personalize the memorial by adding bronze helmets with the fire department shield, the individual’s number, and the fire department’s name.

Osceola ceremony:

North Merrick media:,139142

Osceola media:

Fire Engineering media:

Dudley media:

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Dimensions 38 × 28 × 48 in