Bronze Horse Fountain

$12,995.00 ea.

Bronze Horse Fountains

Bronze Horse Fountains

You won’t find this fountain for less anywhere!

Bronze Horse Fountains are handmade and fabricated in the ancient lost wax method and are a true work of art. Perfect for home, business, restaurant, hotel, or resort.

Check our references and see a list and comments from satisfied customers. Click here Better Business Bureau to see our unblemished record of more than 25 years in business. You won’t find this high-quality fountain for less anywhere. Beware of companies that use inferior material or take deposits and don’t deliver. Do your due diligence, ask for references, and always check with the B.B.B. before purchasing.

To order or for additional information call Richard (Hablo Español) at 321 804 4642 or mailto:[email protected]

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Dimensions 63 × 63 × 86 in