Bronze Frog Statue

$2,995.00 ea.

Bronze Frog Statue or Fountain

Bronze Frog Fountain Statue with a choice of colors

Our bronze frog fountain statue is perfect for the home, resort, hotel, restaurant, park, or any facility that wishes to make a statement. Use it as a fountain or statue. Fabricated using the lost wax method is a true work of art. Use indoors or outdoors; this rugged, resilient frog is impervious to the weather.

A list of satisfied customers, particularly schools that entrusted us with their mascots, can be found at of companies that use inferior materials or take a deposit and don’t deliver. Do your due diligence and always check with the Better Business Bureau before purchasing; see our A+ rating.

To order or for additional information: Richard at 321-804-4642 (Hablo Espanol) or email [email protected].

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Dimensions 30 × 42 × 58 in