Bronze Eagle Catches Fish Statue

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Bronze Eagle Mascot Statue

Bronze Eagle Catches Fish Statue

Bronze Eagle Catches Fish Statue. A 41″ tall powerful depiction of the American Eagle swooping down to catch its prey. Cast in lost wax bronze. The finishing is a beautiful combination of multi tones of walnut patinas used to draw attention to details further work is done with silvering of the mane and tail feathers and polishing to shining detail the beaks and talons.

An amazing conversation piece and a great photo-op. Can be used indoors or outdoors. This rugged, resilient eagle statue is impervious to the weather. Check out our references at and see a partial list of our satisfied clients, especially the schools that trusted us with their mascot.

Be aware of knockoffs that use inferior materials or companies that take your deposit and don’t deliver. Always check with the Better Business Bureau before purchasing.

To order or for additional information: Richard 321-804-4642 (Hablo Español) or email to:[email protected].

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Dimensions 29 × 23 × 41 in