Bronze Bison Statue

Bronze Bison Statue

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What a great school mascot this makes. Add this piece to your zoo, wildlife park resort, ranch, storefront or restaurant and watch the crowds’ line up for a photo op.

An examination of the DNA of a 120,000-year-old fossil long-horned bison from Colorado and a 130,000-year-old fossil of what was likely a steppe bison from the Yukon suggests that the first bison in North America migrated from Asia across the Bering Land Bridge about 100,000 years ago before spreading rapidly throughout the continent. Several authorities distinguish two subspecies of American bison, the plains bison, and the wood bison, although the differences between them are minor. The plains bison formerly inhabited most of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains provinces of Canada. It greatly outnumbered the wood bison, which lived in northwestern Canada and Alaska. An estimated 50 million plains bison, probably the largest aggregation of large animals known to recorded history, roamed over North America when Europeans arrived. Bisons formed the mainstay of the economy of the Plains Indians, providing them with food, hides, and fur for clothing and shelter, and horns for tools, yet the Indians’ hunting activities had little impact on the bison population. It was the invasion of white settlers that slaughtered millions of Bison for sport, many being shot from moving trains.

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