Bronze Bison Mascot Boomer created a real surge in school spirit.


Bronze Bison Mascot

Bethany College Reference

Another Satisfied Customer!

Hi Richard:

Thank you so much for our new Bison Mascot!  His name is Boomer.

Boomer has created a real surge in school spirit after arriving only two weeks ago.  Returning students are getting selfies and pictures all the time.  Our football team has adopted a new tradition of rubbing his nose for good luck.  Boomer has revitalized the campus.

Thank you again for all of your help!  I hope to thank you personally the next time I am in Orlando.

Bison Pride!


Gregory Caprara

Associate Vice President for Advancment

Bethany College

31 E. Campus Drive

Bethany, WV 26032

Cell: 304-830-1982

Phone:  304.829.7284

Email:    [email protected]

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