Bronze Ape & Monkey Statues

Bronze Monkey in Tree Statue
AF 50492 | $3995 ea.
36"L x 50"W x 72"H
Bronze Monkey in Tree Statues

Bronze Silver Back Gorilla Statue
AF 55870 | $4295 ea.
32"L x 26"W x 49"H
Bronze Silver Back Gorilla Statues

Bronze Monkey Family Statue
AF 57332 | $4995 ea.
42"L x 65"W x 87"H
Bronze Monkey Family Statues

Bronze Monkey Bench Statue
AF 57892 | $4995 ea.
50"L x 25"W x 40"H
Bronze Monkey Bench Statues

Bronze Gorilla Statue
AF 58208 | $2995 ea.
Bronze Gorilla Statues

Bronze Monkeys in Tree Statue
AF 66010 | $2995 ea.
35"L x 34"W x 76"H
Bronze Monkeys in Tree Statues

Monkey on Tree Table Base
AF 74190 | $2995 ea.
33"L x 36"W x 33"H
Monkey on Tree Table Base

Bronze Monkeys on Tree Statue
AF 94254NA | $695 ea.
27"L x 13"W x 17"H
Bronze Monkeys on Tree Statues

Bronze Monkey Statue
ASB 651 | $1195 ea.
14"L x 20"W x 25"H
By Fratin

Bronze Silverback Gorilla Statue
ASB 856 | $5995 ea.
80"L x 41"W x 65"H
Bronze Silverback Gorilla Statues

Bronze Baboon Statue
SB SBA3-017 | $1995 ea.
34"L x 14"W x 34"H
Bronze Baboon Statue

All measurements shown are approximate/Prices subject to change.

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