Bronze Shark & Whale Fountains

Bronze Whales Leaping Fountain
AF 29500 | $4995 ea.
33"L x 41"W x 64"H
Bronze Whales Leaping Fountains

Bronze Sharks Fountain
AF 29516 | $4995 ea.
49"L x 26"W x 34"H
Bronze Sharks Fountain

Bronze Humpback Whale & Calf Fountain
AF 74143 | $6995 ea.
51"L x 67"W x 96"H
Bronze Humpback Whale & Calf Fountains

Bronze Hammerhead Shark Statue
AF 90023ND | $1295 ea.
23"L x 11"W x 25"H
Bronze Hammerhead Shark Statues

Bronze Hammerhead Sharks Fountain
AF 94016 | $2795 ea.
57"L x 27"W x 32"H
Bronze Hammerhead Sharks Fountains

Bronze Hammerhead Sharks Fountain
AF 94046NB | $3995 ea.
27"L x 27"W x 66"H
Bronze Hammerhead Sharks Fountains

Bronze Hammerheads Statue
AF 94094 | $595 ea.
13"L x 11"W x 21"H
Bronze Hammerheads Statues

Bronze Whales Fountain
ASB 836 | $4495 ea.
42"L x 39"W x 60"H
Bronze Whales Fountains

Bronze Orca Whales Fountain
ASI TF3-135 | $4995 ea.
71"L x 39"W x 58"H
Bronze Orca Whales Fountains

Bronze Whale & Child Fountain
KT 2287 | $4995 ea.

Bronze Whale & Child Fountains

Bronze Sharks Fountain
KT 2294 | $3995 ea.

Bronze Sharks Fountains

Bronze Whale & Calf Fountain
MPC B634 | $4995 ea.
80"L x 45"W x 63"H
Bronze Whale & Calf Fountains

All measurements shown are approximate/Prices subject to change.

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